Push Notifications for
mobile phones
and web browsers


With Email

That became less effective everyday and as you probably know, your message will end up in the junk folder.

With Twitter

It has become too noisy and any of your tweets probably will be lost in a sea of other tweets.

With Facebook

When they decided that it was good for their business to make you paying again to reach your OWN fans.

With Pushido, convert the
ocasional visitor of
your website in a
frequent visitor.

But, in order to understand what we do..,
just test us...

you got it


and try this service for free!

Just add
a simple code
from Pushido
to your website and start getting

send push notifications
in a segmented way

To people that visit certain section of your website. E.g. visitors of your shopping cart.

Who live in New York.

and didn't visit my website since 2 days ago.

and send it now or in the future

¡Your subscribers
will receive your
push notifications,
even if their
browsers are
switched off!

Try the service for Free now!!!